Raising The Bar Of Ethical Investing

Partners in transparency is a groundbreaking initiative uniting all facets of Klal Yisroel by joining together to raise the ethical standards of investing in our kehillos.

Becoming a partner in transparency

Rabbanim, business leaders, professionals, investors, syndicators, equity brokers, and all those involved in the world of business and investment are welcome to join the movement and become a Partner in Transparency by committing to enhance transparency in business dealings. 

Our goal is to empower investors and investees to make informed decisions, ensuring fairness, accountability, and integrity throughout the financial market.

The foundation of a successful initiative


Creating awareness and educating the public of the risks and rewards of investment.

The world of investing currently has many myths, misunderstandings, misguided trust, unrealistic expectations, inexperience and simple naivete by many innocent investors. 

Educating the public of the true pros and cons of investing will eliminate much disappointment and heartbreak while bringing transparency and healthy investing to our communities.

Best Practices

Implementing industry-wide universally accepted best practices and standards

Each syndicator typically has their own unique glossary of terms and independent ways of doing business, many of which are unbeknownst to their investors. 

With the input of stakeholders from various sectors and industries, a universally accepted set of standards will emerge and become the acceptable standard of investments while complying with legal and ethical requirements.


A certification program for independent reviewers to guide investors in decision making

An investor currently has nowhere to turn for an unbiased review or opinion on an investment proposal. Many investors depend on a potentially biased or inexperienced friend who lacks the expertise or capability to advise. 

The solution: an industry of professional independent reviewers that commit to a higher standard of integrity under strict rabbinical guidance and supervision. 

These independent reviewers have a business background with experience in investment, and are trained in halachic and ethical standards. They have direct access to a board of Choshen Mishpat rabbonim for any questions and will be guided by rabbonim.